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With the Internet poised to greatly influence how hotels do business, RND has optimized our technology to exploit the internet and make information available on a global spectrum. ResEze's unparalleled ability to allow 'on-line real-time direct access' via Internet/Intranet to hotel property inventory, availability, yield rating and instant confirmation is a feature embraced by corporate guests, travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers worldwide.


An advanced 4GL development language designed to provide developers with the ultimate control over UNIX and Windows development.


TTY is an ANSI emulator designed to work in conjunction with EDSBA to provide UNIX and Web clients with a graphical and mouse capable interface that supports the event-driven capabilities of software developed using EDSBA.

HelpDesk System

This HelpDesk System is designed for Software Help Desks requiring monitoring facilities for their clients bug tracking and enhancement requests.